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Working to help improve the lives of people disadvantaged by poverty and hardship.

CTAS is a registered Charity, which was formally established in October 2004.

Our aim is to help improve the lives of people by alleviating financial hardship and sickness, and assisting in advancing education.

CTAS seeks to work with people in poorer countries (primarily in the country of Nepal), who do not have the advantage of any state welfare system and where the religious and cultural practices tend to promote advantages and disadvantages between different castes.

CTAS head office is in the UK, and we have accommodation in Nepal where the majority of our overseas projects are based.


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United Kingdom Phone: +44 (0)1323 486771

Nepal Phone: +977 61 (4)60660

Fax: +44 (0)1323 486926

Email: info@ctascharity.org.uk

Charity Registration No. 1107732

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